Good leaders focus on getting the basics right!

"The only constant is change". This is the mantra we believe is true. I would beg to disagree. There are many things that stay the same. Here are two topics related to good teams that I believe survive the pressing need to change.

Good leaders make sure that their team

  1. understands the common target and work together towards them,

  2. works in a way that creates energy.

Common targets came up during a lunch I had with a senior leader the other day. Our discussion ended wondering how rare good leadership is. And it is not that good leadership is rare because leaders do not master the finest aspects of the latest leadership trends. Leadership seems to be failing because the basics are not there. Team members do not know what the common target is. As this senior leader said: "It is important to ask oneself: 'Do my team members know what is expected of them? Do they really know it?'"

Why does this then happen? As we said, everyone knows this - there is nothing sexy about this. I can think of three main reasons this happens. First, we ASSUME it is clear, and we happily work believing our interpretation is shared by other people. But, as we well know, when we ASSUME, we make an Axx out of U and ME. Second, we have a tendency of acting as if knowing this the same as doing. We know that we should eat healthier and exercise more - not always does this turn to reality. Third, it is not really sexy to stop and have a discussion on what our common target is. But, it is extremely useful.

The second topic, working in in a way that energizes others, is as a bit different in nature. I have not seen it stated using the word "energy". However, I do think that the concept is quite a universal one. When I think of the good teams I have worked in, they have been energizing - quite often in different ways. Sometimes there has been a common purpose (even of general good) in what we do that has given the energy. Other times the energy has come from the support the other people gave me, trusted in me and helped me grow. In any case, the energizing impact of the teams has been there in all good teams I have been part of.

What is the reality in your team(s)? Do you understand the common target and work together towards it? Does your way of working create energy in others?

Kenny Niutanen is a coach and a facilitator - eager to help people and teams develop by finding their meaningful balance.

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